DC Comics: The Arrowverse


Failing (PG-13)   -   Arrow -- Post "Sacrifice" What happens next? I ship Olicity, but this isn't necessarily shippy since I'm trying to do a look at the first few hours after the events in the finale. (Short Story/3,700 words)

He Needs You (PG-13)   -   Arrow -- Post "Unthinkable" Sara told Laurel that Oliver needs her. Why? And how does Felicity figure in all this? I ship Olicity, so if you don't dig that pairing, this may not be your thing, although I try to be fair to all the women. (Short Story/4,000 words)

Family Ties (PG-13)   -   Arrow -- Post "The Climb" I really really thought Thea wasn't what she appeared. OBE obviously, but maybe still fun. (Flash/1,000 words)

Legends of Tomorrow

When Others Sleep (R)   -   Legends of Tomorrow before Constantine showed up with a little bit of Arrow Season 6. This is OBE now, but still, I dig Mick and Sara together--they have a very fun chemistry. (Novelette/10,000 words)