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Last updated: 9 July 2022

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (SPOILERS-duh and in Episode Order)

Reciprocity (PG-13)   -   Post "Strange New Worlds" I'm loving both Chapel and La'an. I'm not shipping them here...exactly. (Short Story/2,000 words)

Secrets (PG-13)   -   Post "Ghosts of Illyria" Seemed like something was missed by Number One. Also, Chapel needs some backstory and until they give us some, this will have to do. For those into S/Ch, there's a nice Chapel & Spock moment. (Short Story/3,300 words)

Hijinks Have Consequences (PG-13)   -   Post "Spock Amok" There was a loose end I thought needed addressing. I love Spock and T'Pring so much AND I also love the tangible chemistry between Spock and Chapel. Plus some other bits including La'an, Erica, Uhura (so many women!!) (Short Story/4,200 words)

The Needs of the Sacrificed (PG-13)   -   Post "Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach" This was such a tough episode. I just needed these three to sort it out for me. (Short Story/2,000 words)

Fractures (PG-13)   -   Post "The Serene Squall" It's like watching a train wreck. In slow motion. And this, I think, is the first fracture. (Short Story/1,700 words)

In Vino Veritas (PG-13)   -   Post "The Serene Squall" Some truths want to be said. I do so love surfing canon while still trying to have some fun with these crazy kids.(Short Story/2,600 words)

Wander No More (PG-13)   -   Post "All Those Who Wander" and Part 1 of the Other Paths series. This follows directly after that encounter in the corridors. Oh my goodness, so much happening. And if they can just make shit up regarding Vulcan mating rituals and custom, so can I!(Short Story/3,400 words)

Loyalty and New Lovers (R)   -   Post "The Quality of Mercy" and Part 2 of the Other Paths series. This is pre and post the finale, exploring how to resolve the problem presented at the end. This will be a series where I try to do just that.(Short Story/4,900 words)

Why Can't We (PG)   -   (Poem) Running away appeals. S/Ch

Star Trek: Original Series

A Meeting of Sorrows (R)   -  Grief is a road most often walked alone--unless you find kindred company. This is a sequel to "A Meeting of Minds." K/Ch

Boys Are Mean (PG-13)   -   (Poem) What he says. What he feels. M/Ch

Resistance is Never Futile (PG-13)   -   Just needed to work some stuff out with this one. It has nothing to do with the Borg. It was written in early 2022 if that helps ground it at all with what was going on in the world. K/S/Ch