Best Friends (PG-13)   -   This is a post ep to "Bottoms Up." The ninth season ep where Margaret's friend, Captain Helen Whitfield, is assigned to the 4077th for 2 months prior to shipping stateside. Turns out she has a drinking problem, has had one before, and she's lied to Margaret about being on the wagon. It normally takes a lot for me to see a slashy vibe--especially for Margaret--but this time I did. It's also H/M, because I can't not do that. (Short Story/1,700 words)

Flexible Truths (PG-13)   -   The war's over. Her life isn't what she thought it would be. Maybe his isn't either? (Short Story/7,000 words)

I'll Be Seeing You (PG-13)   -   Married to other people and at a reunion for the 4077th. Not the best scenario for Hawkeye and Margaret. (Short Story/6,000 words)

Just Another Day in the Middle of Nowhere (PG-13)   -   What if you're chasing normal, but you aren't that? The title comes from the 10th Season ep "The Birthday Girls." (Novelette/9,700 words)

Legacy of War (PG-13)   -   They've never made it before. But this time, Hawkeye and Margaret have a reason to try. (Novella/26,000 words)

Recovery Efforts (R)   -   A disaster brings a chance to help--and chances like these are what bring Hawkeye and Margaret together. But is a little togetherness enough? (Novelette/7,800 words)

Residual Damage (R)   -   They're running from their pasts. This time can they run to each other? (Novelette/8,000 words

Under the Influence (PG-13)   -   Home is a long way from Korea...and an even longer way from all right. (Short Story/6,100 words)