DC Comics: Superman/Wonder Woman

Clean Hands and Broken Hearts (PG-13)   -   The ongoing [in 20050] Infinite Crisis arc has me down. This is my take--probably an AU--on how it ends. You don't need to have followed that comic arc to get the story. (Novelette/7,200 words)

Dead and Buried (PG-13)   -   Kingdom Come missing scenes and coda, Because I wasn't sure what was really going on with Wonder Woman and Superman at the end. And yeah I know there was a sequel but let's pretend there wasn't. (Short Story/3,800 words)

The Death of Old Worlds (PG-13)   -   I'm pretty cheesed that WW226 is going to be our final issue of the current series. I'm even more angered at what DC is doing to my comic universe. The spoilers abound; I'm ignoring some, incorporating some, and in some ways trying to make sense of the preview covers dcomics.com has up for WW225 and 226 and SM225. There may be spoilers here--or I may be dead wrong. But I'm happy--er.

Handmaidens of Divine Whimsy (PG-13)   -   This goes with the Elseworlds book, JLA: Act of God. I didn't like a lot of that story, and this is my attempt to make what they did (to Diana especially) a bit more palatable--at least to me. I stuck with canon as far as the major pieces, but I played with the rest--and some supporting characters made out like bandits. I don't think you have to have read the comic to get this.

Heart's Desire (R)   -   This follows the current arc and may be an AU. Superman/Wonder Woman fic.

Immortal Beloved - The Scenes in Between (PG-13)   -   In Action Comics #761, Wonder Woman and Superman were stuck in Asgard for one thousand years. They didn't give us much of those years, so this is my take on it. (Text in italics is from the comic, as is a small bit of dialogue near the end. The rest is my interpretation of how this might have gone...)

Moving On (PG)   -   This has spoilers for Superman Returns. Go see the movie before you read this. Unlike my other Superman Returns fic, this goes a SM/WW way.

Nothing Left to Lose (PG-13)   -   This Crisis mega-arc has me a bit worried. All kinds of rumors going around. I worry for my favorites. And I'm intrigued by the cover over at DCcomics.com of WW 219. So this is total speculation (and course correction before the event LOL). No spoilers cuz I'm making this all up to preserve my sanity.

Something to Build (PG-13)   -   Sequel to Nothing Left to Lose (now safely in the AU category since the spoilers were oh so wrong). This takes place the next morning.

One Last Goodbye (PG-13)   -   I dont' know if there are spoilers here or not. Probably so for IC5 or for WW226 or just for the general tone of the thing. Anyway, it's me working out my angst again over DC's new direction.

Redesign (PG-13)   -   This is a little bit of extra scene from JLA 50-54 (also the last half of the collection "Divided We Fall.") I was aiming for fluff, I think the most I achieved was fluffy-flavored angst. : ) For those who read "Minefields," this follows on the heels of that. If you didn't read it, don't worry about it.

Redesign Remixed (R)   -   This is a follow-on to "Redesign" and an AU. The characters were not happy with how "Redesign" or canon went. This assumes the reintegraion didn't take place when it did, and that Clark and Lois did go on that little vacation...and it wasn't so good.

Superheroes (PG)   -   The aftermath of yet another crisis. Two heroes remain behind. They always remain behind. For each other. (This was my first attempt at them. It's a bit talky.) (Flash/1,000 words)