Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Episode Codas

These are from the season 5 episode "Into the Woods" and on. Prior to that, I never felt the need to course-correct or fill in the blanks. After that, well, let's just say it was apparent Joss wasn't paying all that much attention to his first born.

Buffy Season Five

The Woods Suck (PG-13)   -   Didn't like the ending of "Into the Woods"? Well, me neither. Maybe this will make it more palatable? (Short Story/1,400 words)

A View of the Woods (PG)   -   The Scoobie view after the events of "Into the Woods." (Short Story/1,400 words)

Visiting Hours (PG)   -   Joyce has a visitor, set sometime after "Into the Woods." (Flash/900 words)

Watch Me (PG)   -   Buffy's having a bad night, set sometime after "Into the Woods." (Short Story/2,100 words)

Gossip (PG)   -   Word reaches LA through an unlikely messenger, set after "Into the Woods" and Angel "Reunion." (Short Story/1,400 words)

Little Girl's Eyes (PG)   -   Someone's view of the happenings in "Checkpoint." (Short Story/1,200 words)

Crushed (PG)   -   What happened after the door closed in "Crush." (Short Story/2,300 words)

Vigil in Accustomed Places (PG)   -   You've sat this vigil more nights than you can count. (An exchange fic. Prompt was Joyce and "Bloodless.") (Flash/800 words)

Uneasy Rest (PG)   -   Spike pays his last respects. (Flash/900 words)

A Sea Change (PG-13)   -   Post-"Intervention." Let's have a bit more of that great last scene. (Short Story/1,800 words)

Buffy Season Six

Sanctuary (PG-13)   -   "Bargaining" post-ep. She may be home...but is she really back? (Short Story/1,300 words)

Angels of Stone (PG-13)   -   "Bargaining"/"After Life" post-ep. From a completely different perspective. (Short Story/1,900 words)

Having It Out (PG-13) (AU)   -   "Tabula Rasa" post-ep. What I thought should happen in "Smashed." Written before it actually aired, of course, but based on the previews. (Short Story/2,000 words)

Twisted (PG-13)   -   "Smashed"/"Wrecked" post-ep. Tired of the lecturing and feeling bad for the characters, I dodge the anvil and write this. (Short Story/2,400 words)

One Fun Little Hobby (PG)   -   "Gone" post-ep. Bored now. At least with the "magic as addiction" theme. (Short Story/2,700 words)

She Slays Vampires, Doesn't She? (PG)   -   Doublemeat Palace post-ep. I didn't like how things were going so I wrote this story. It's part parody, part course correction. I've been told it's funny. Enjoy. (Short Story/6,700 words)

Just the Same (PG)   -   Dead Things post-ep. This episode really disturbed me. And reminded me of something. So I wrote this. You'll be a little confused at first, but you'll figure it out...eventually. (Flash/1,000 words)

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might (R)   -   Hell's Bells/Normal Again post-ep. So where was Anya during Normal Again? Subtitle this one "Lament of the Secondary Characters." And yeah, it's evil. Really, really evil. (Novelette/11,500 words)

Fate (PG-13)   -   Sixth Season post-ep. So about season six. Hmmmm. Not loving it. So I'm not really sure where this came from. But it was rolling around inside my head and then it wanted out. And i finally let it well after the finale. Hope you like. (Short Story/3,400 words)

Buffy Season Seven

No Superman (PG-13)   -   Showtime post-ep. A moment in Spike's undead life. (Short Story/2,000 words)

Angel Season Five and Beyond

Blue Rain Falling (PG-13)   -   Starts when the Angel series finale "Not Fade Away" ends. Who walked out of that alley? And what was waiting for them? (Novelette/8,900 words)

Not Done Yet (PG)   -   Not Fade Away post-ep. We can't just leave them like that...can we? (Short Story/2,500 words)

Someone Else's Hell (PG-13)   -   This directly follows the Angel season five ep "Damage." I hated the way it ended and I wanted to know what happened to Dana, the pyscho slayer. Even though I've tried to keep in line with what's been happening in the Buffy season eight comics, there aren't any spoilers here for those. (Short Story/2,600 words)

Something Worth Living For (PG-13)   -   The events of "I Will Remember You" are over and gone, except for in Angel's memories. But what if he does become human some day? Is there any kind of happy ending for him with Buffy? Written for bhoney as part of the Support Stacie Auction. (They needed a pinch hitter; I wanted to write an Angel becomes human fic--I think they call that serendipity. (Short Story/6,100 words)

Buffy Season Five/Angel Season Two AUs

Sinking (PG-13)   -   "Listening to Fear" Post-ep. (AU)     At the time I wrote this, there were only possibilities for how the Riley issue could play out. Now that it's over, this is resigned to the realm of AU. But I still like it. (Short Story/1,600 words)

Not So Stupid (PG)   -   (AU)     This was written before "Crush." Harmony demanded a story of her own, and who am I to argue with her? (Short Story/1,400 words)

Love is Blonde (PG-13) - (AU)     This was written before "Disharmony." It's pretty much been overtaken by the events of that ep, but Harmony still wanted it posted. She's so demanding. Somebody tell her to leave me alone. Please? (Short Story/1,800 words)

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