Lie to Me

In Episode Order

No More Lies (PG-13)   -   Post "Truth or Consequences." Because these two are so hot they prompted me to fire up the old computer and ship them frantically. (Short Story/1,400 words)

Not Honey (R)   -   Post "Honey." Because that ending screamed for more. And what came after, in the next two eps, seemed to build on it. (Short Story/2,600 words)

Passing Blame (R)   -   Post "Fold Equity." Because I was really, really pissed at Cal after this. So whose POV does the muse choose to write? His, of course. (Short Story/3,300 words)

Lines of Control (PG-13)   -   Post "The Whole Truth." Gillian angst. It's not her, never her. (Flash/800 words)