The Walking Dead

In Episode Order

Baggage Makes the Best Survivors (R)   -   This is my first Walking Dead fic & it's because celticmusebooks really wanted a Caryl story. I've been team Daryl since the very beginning, so this was a joy to write, hopefully to read, too. (Short Story/1,200 words)

Did You Do That? (PG-13)   -   Just a little filling in of the blanks. Post "No Sanctuary." (Short Story/1,400 words)

Invisible (PG-13)   -   Post "Forget" and eps before that. Where exactly were they taking Carol and Daryl? I was afraid to find out, so I wrote my own little moment for them before the next season blew things all to hell. (Short Story/2,200 words)

Who You Were Before (R)   -   Post "The Same Boat." We finally got a Caryl moment. So what happened next? (Short Story/2,300 words)