The X-Files

This was the first fandom I wrote fic in (this was before I understood craft, and even though I've edited them since, some are still pretty rough). I thought I was a one-true pairing type for this fandom, but "Many Forms" blew that idea wide open. But mostly if these are shippy, they're Mulder/Scully. Some are more general post-ep codas since I was writing these as the show aired.

Empty (PG-13)   -   Scully's musings during the dark times. How do you go on when you lose someone you care about? (Flash/600 words)

Many Forms (PG-13)   -   Post "DeadAlive." Scully on maternity leave and the men in her life. This is the last story I wrote in this fandom) (Short Story/2,000 words)

Looking Further (PG)   -   Post "Orison." This was prompted by one hell of an end scene. (Short Story/2,000 words)

Musings of a Bitter Heart (PG-13)   -   Someone's last thoughts. Despite being from the POV of a character hated by many (myself included) I really like this little offering. (Flash/800 words)

Return Trip (PG)   -   Post "En Ami." Couldn't let this one go by without a crack at one more scene between CSM and Scully. Wnat was going on with these two? (And yeah, I now, the miniseries and all. I bailed early in the second year of that because the idea of Dana once again being "done to" was too much for me, so...) (Flash/1,000 words)

What Just Happened (PG)   -   Post "Millennium." This is a little piece of Mulder/Scully fluff, but it is my first posted work so I am quite fond of it. (Flash/300 words)