Star Trek: The Next Generation

Chance Encounter (PG)   -   Troi runs into an old friend. (Short Story/2,400 words)

Dark Corners (R)   -   This is a response to a list challenge to explore a character's hidden vice or dark side. Not sure where this story came from. The muse was in a very weird space the day this was written. (Flash/800 words)

The Nemesis Suite

Echoes and Voices (PG-13)   -   Post-Nemesis. A character reflects on life after the events of the movie. If you like dark, you'll like this. (Short Story/1,800 words)

Collateral Damage (PG-13)   -   Post-Nemesis. A companion piece to Echoes and Voices. The aftermath of the events of the movie for the rest of the characters. (Short Story/3,300 words)

Minimum Safe Distance (R)   -   Nemesis spoilers. Some violations linger. (Short Story/3,200 words)

Someone to Watch Over Me (PG-13)   -   How late is too late? Picard/Crusher. (Short Story/2,500 words)

Tendrils (PG-13)   -   So much of the movie Generations didn't make sense to me. The Nexus, how it worked, why it worked. And Antonia. Like there weren't enough women in Kirk's past to give him, they had to make one up for the timeframe pre WOK that we'd never ever heard of??? So how to make sense of it? I know: insert Q. (Short Story/3,800 words)