Star Trek: Voyager

Character Studies or Other Pairings

Alone (PG)   -   Post-Endgame, Seven muses on her life. (Short Story/1,500 words)

Bringing Back Fire (PG-13)   -   An unexpected encounter at the memorial to Voyager's dead. (I don't think those who are J/C stalwarts will hate this as much as you might think you will but it is set during the C/7 years.) Note: The story of rainbow crow is a Lenape legend, not my creation. (Short Story/4,300 words)

Banked Fire (PG)   -   A chance encounter on a planet far from home. Janeway/Torres, sort of. (Short Story/3,200 words)

Crippled Queen (PG-13)   -   My first "Endgame" coda. Something in the finale disturbed me. Something about Janeway. This came to me. Helped me understand. (Short Story/1,700 words)

Never There (PG-13)   -   Janeway got them home. Now what? (Short Story/1,900 words)

No Comment (G)   -   There's no reason for this other than pure silliness. (Drabble/100 words)

There is Now (PG-13)   -   Sometimes you have to wait a long time for what you want. This was a J/7 birthday fic for DebbieB (Short Story/2,200 words)

Trompe L'Oeil (PG-13)   -   This is the second "Endgame" coda I wrote. This bloody episode just wouldn't let go. This is an altogether different spin than the one in "Crippled Queen" or "Another Bad Night." Think Twilight Zone. (Short Story/4,100 words)

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