DC Comics: Batman/Wonder Woman

His First (R)   -   A challenge story. Bruce's first time. There were other wacky parameter we won't go into. Humor (or at least I like to think parts of it are funny).

Mating Displays (PG-13)   -   I'm sick of Infinite Crisis. So I offer this straight-up, unapologetic BM/WW outing. I've been told it's somewhat humorous.

Pas de Deux (R)   -   No real reason for this. Except that sometimes you just want to read sappy, silly BM/WW stuff.

Reflecting on Forgiveness (PG-13)   -   The ongoing Infinite Crisis arc has me down. This is my take--probably an AU--on how it ends only with a Batman flavor instead of the Superman one of "Clean Hands and Broken Hearts." If you are holding off on reading the Countdown to Infinite Crisis books until they are in one volume, best skip this one. Lots of spoilers.

The Return of a Friend (PG)   -   This has major, major spoilers for Superman Returns. Go see the movie before you read this. I wanted a look at what the rest of the League--especially Wonder Woman and Batman--were doing during the movie.

Rules of Engagement (PG-13)   -   Love is a battlefield. (But not in a dark way.)

Curious about what Superman said to Batman after Wonder Woman stormed out? Read the missing scene.

Seeing Beyond Tomorrow (R)   -   This is a BM/WW (I've embraced the dark side!) missing scene that takes place between Superman 636 and Wonder Woman 212.

Stakeout (PG-13)   -   Because, at the end of the day, Batman is still just a guy.

When Amazons Attack (PG-13)   -   This is a very silly response to an Adrian Tullberg challenge to make BM or WW so wasted that the other one has to take them home, and things are said that might not have been--you get the idea. BM/WW. (Posted 8/6/06)