DC Comics: It's Complicated

The Trinity

Exorcising Demons (R)   -   This was a request for a story about Diana's loves and sexuality. A request to cover the waterfront--and be specific (requestor had noticed I tend to distance myself from Diana's romances with other POVs or second-person hijinks LOL). So, Miriam, this is for you. It's got something for everyone--BM/WW and SM/WW shippers should be happy.

Minefields (R)   -   Takes place during the events of Legends of the DC Universe 30-32: "The 18th Letter." The comic was a little vague on what was meant by "one night." But I refuse to believe that all the sturm und drang surrounding Alcmaeon's proposal was from a request to spend the evening roasting smores.

Peering Through Splintered Glass (R)   -   Not sure where this one came from. It's darkish, it's weird, it's from Batman's POV, and it's probably an AU--some world before the current arc, anyway. (Novelette/7,300 words)

Resigned to Nothing (R)   -   These are a couple missing scenes from Superman 636 and Wonder Woman 212. What happened after that discussion in the Fortress and after the JLA test. It's shippy for both Bats and Supes.

Strangers (PG-13)   -   This has spoilers, so if you are in the process of catching up on the IC finale or the 1-year-later world, you might want to skip this till you're done. That said, I didn't like how IC ended. This is me fixing it.

Trine (PG-13)   -   This happens after the war--if resolution is just beating OMACs, not a bunch of new (or old) universes possibly popping (back) into existence. And this doesn't really mind the many threads; it's as if the big three are all that matter, which, for me, they are. It should work no matter which ship you fly.

Waiting for the Sun (PG)   -   Something different, sweeter, maybe sadder. Two friends as we may not have seen them before. It's set sometime in a non Infinite Crisis arc.

Letting the Light In (PG-13)   -   Sequel to Waiting for the Sun. Hopefully still touching and sweet but maybe not so sad.

The Sea King and the Amazon Princess (and a whole lot of others) Series

Water,Water Everywhere (R)   -   I was intrigued with the Aquaman - Wonder Woman segment at the end of the Tower of Babel collection. Especially given the later Aquaman/Wonder Woman moment that rated an entire page in the Divided We Fall collection. She seemed to know exactly who he was and what he'd done before she was even fully awake. Which got me thinking. This scene happens between the two collections.

When You're Letting Go (PG-13)   -   Actions have repercussions, or at least cause lots of gooey angst. This time the spotlight is on the Man of Steel. This takes place around JLA 50 or so, after the fairy tale thing, but before the split apart thing.

Watching (PG-13)   -   Sequel to When You're Letting Go. It's Batman's turn to talk. This takes place around JLA 50 or so, after the fairy tale thing, but before the split apart thing.

Witness to Love (PG-13)   -   Sequel to Watching. Aquaman speaks. This takes place between JLA 54 and 55 (or between Divided We Fall and Terror Incognita, if you have the collections).

Welcome No More (R)   -   Sequel to Witness to Love. Where do they go from here? This one takes place before JLA 55, and between WW 170 and 171.