DC Comics: The Trinity - Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman

One, Two, Three (R)   -   They're just good friends. Very good friends. Amazingly good friends. This is BM/SM/WW--best look away if you don't think good things come in threes.

We Belong Together (R)   -   I didn't like the ending of the WW Trinity two-parter (issue 140/141). Found it quite sad...and not the note I wanted Diana to end it on. And the boys agreed. ::evil, evil grin:: All I can say is they should never have called it "Trinity" if they didn't want to see a BM/SM/WW story show up someday.

The Trinity Series--some are funny, some are not

Trinity Schminity (PG-13)   -   Very silly look at "The Trinity." Where else can you go but a sillyfic for UST and milk and cookies?

Trinity and Then Some (R)   -   A sequel to "Trinity Schminity." For those who wanted to see that double date. Still in a humorous vein.

Trinity Repercussions (R)   -   A sequel to "Trinity and Then Some." For those who want to see what happens when they're not on that planet. Not a funny piece.

Trinity: Two by Four (R)   -   A sequel to "Trinity: Repercussions." The angst goes on. Sorry, this isn't really funny anymore, although maybe this has its moments.

Trinity: Favorite Things -- Continuing the Trinity saga with a work in progress series. The titles are from a certain song. This goes all over the place, so if you aren't in the mood for some slash with your het, might want to move it along.

Part 1: Raindrops on Roses (R)   -   Clark and Bruce have a chance to reconnect.
Part 2: And Whiskers on Kittens (R)   -   Diana and Lois's turn.
Part 3: Bright Copper Kettles and Warm Woolen Mittens (R)   -   A new voice in what I hope is a touching segment