Star Trek: Voyager


Another Bad Night (PG)   -   The third "Endgame" coda. I needed something a bit lighter and romantic. Look for some old friends joining the fun. (Novelette/9,200 words)

Barriers (PG-13)   -   Post "Shattered." Chakotay's musings after the events of the day. (Flash/700 words)

Day of the Dead (PG)   -   It's years after Voyager's return, and Kathryn Janeway is empty and lost. Will a vacation help her? And is the Yucatan during the Day of the Dead celebrations the perfect spot to find some desperately needed refreshment? (Short Story/5,600 words)

Morning Light (PG-13)   -   The morning after. (Short Story/3,200 words)

Not Even a Choice (PG-13)   -   In 2015, I went into the WIP folder and found this mostly done. Since I was jonesing a little for some J/C, I finished it. I think it might be my favorite of the J/C I've done. And one of my favorite original characters in this. (Short Story/5,100 words)

Ripening (R)   -   Chakotay's leave is interrupted by an unexpected visitor. (Short Story/3,300 words)

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